“My Bright Smile”TM Global Art Contest 2018

Karachi, : Featuring winning smiles, oral health and talent for 18 years now,
Colgate Palmolive’s ‘My Bright Smile’TM Global Art Contest has been giving young, talented
artists across the globe a chance to showcase their creativity and talent. Held under the Colgate
Oral Health Education Program ‘Bright Smiles, Bright Futures®’, the Global Art Contest
provides a unique platform for kids to bring their imagination to life, while also educating them
about the benefits of good oral care.
Inviting young talented artists aged 6 – 9 from schools to participate, the Global Art Contest
attracts thousands of entries from across Pakistan. This year too, the ‘My Bright Smile’TM
Global Art Contest received an overwhelming response from 919 schools, with 122,534
entries nationwide.
The Global Art Contest 2018 Art Exhibition is being held on 6th & 7th July, 2018, displaying
shortlisted artworks at the V.M. Art Gallery, Rangoonwala Community Center, Karachi. The
Senior Judges presiding over the Global Art Contest 2018 are Ms. Riffat Alvi, Director V.M. Art
Gallery and Ms. Naheed Raza, Senior Artist & Principal, Arts Council Institute of Arts & Crafts.
Special prizes will be distributed to the 100 best entries by young talented Pakistani artists, and
the following 12 participants have made it to the prestigious list of the top 12 Pakistani artworks:

Name School

Syeda Anumta Haque
Madiha Shaikh
Muhammad Uzair Farooqui
Noor Fatima Adil
Ayan Khan
Deenah Ahmed
Hamza Alam
Muhammad Zaid
Beenish Maqsood
Nahl Nadeem
Misbah Iqbal

The Academy
D.A.M.H. School
H.B. Malik Public School
The City School
Sir Syed Children Academy
Delsol The School
Beaconhouse School System
Shaheen Public School
Al-Murtaza Junior Branch
Al-Munir High School
Lahore Literati School
Dynamic Public School

To acknowledge the hard work and participation of all the contestants, each one will be awarded
a Colgate ‘My Bright Smile’TM Certificate.
Taking the top 12 winning entries forward to the next phase of the Global Art Contest, the
artworks will be sent to Colgate Palmolive’s Global Head Office in New York to represent
Pakistan and compete against the other international entries. The 12 best entries from across
the globe will be showcased in the ‘My Bright Smile’TM 2019 Calendar and each winner will
receive a Colgate Palmolive grant of US $250 while their respective schools will receive a grant
of US $500.
The exhibition will be open to the general public on 7

th July, 2018, from 10:30 am to 7:30 pm at

V.M. Art Gallery, Rangoonwala Community Center, Karachi.