Japan provides a grant to Idara Al-Khair an amount of US$ 86,612 for “The Project for Construction of Girls School at Wangi Goth Village in Karachi.”

KARACHI – The Government of Japan extended a grant of US$ 86, 612 to Idara Al- Khair Welfare Society for “The Project of the Construction of Girl Schools at Wangi Goth Village in Karachi” under the scheme of Grant Assistance of Grassroots Human Security Projects.

The Project was signed between the Consul-General of Japan, Mr. Toshikazu Isomura and the President of Idara Al-Khair Welfare Society, Mr. Muhammad Mazahir.

This specific grant shall be utilized for the construction of a girls’ school in Manghopir area, which includes 8 classrooms and 1 teachers’ room. Also the school facility will include a water tank.

Idara-Al-Khair Welfare Society has been providing free quality education to the children suffering from poverty since 1987. In addition, a Japanese NPO, Japan Fiber-recycle Solidarity Association (JFSA), has been contributing to Idara-Al-Khair Welfare Society’s income generation for 23 years, through exporting second-hand clothes from Japan. The clothes’ sales revenue in Pakistan becomes the operation expenses of the Idara-Al-Khair schools.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Isomura said that providing Basic Human Needs of Primary Education, was one of the top priority areas of the Japanese Government in the developing world, as far as GGP grant is concerned, besides the focus to educate young girls is the need of the hour, in this day and age.

Mr. Isomura stressed that such GGP grant schemes helped pave the way for development in a slum locality and women’s empowerment, besides strengthening bilateral ties between Japan and Pakistan.

Later, Mr. Mazahir also emphasized the need for developing education for children in slum locality of Karachi, thanking the Japanese government and its people for its support in the upliftment of an underprivileged society and for the children belonging to the lowest income strata of the city.

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