Imran’s victory a ray of hope for Pakistan:Islamabad Chamber

Islamabad Chamber of Small Traders on Saturday said PTI supremo Imran Khan’s victory is a ray of hope for the country facing instability and various other problems since long.

Under Imran Khan Pakistan will come out of US pressure while relations with China, neighbouring countries and Islamic world will be further cemented, it said.

All the developmental projects including CPEC will attract more investment and pace of work will get a boost, said Shahid Rasheed Butt, Patron ICST.

He said that economy is in a bad shape necessitating a loan of ten billion dollars but the business community has full faith in the abilities of the economic managers of PTI who will steer the country out of the mess.

A loan from IMF should be the last priority of the economic team of the incoming government as it will compromise growth and hit masses, he demanded.

Shahid Rasheed Butt said that PTI’s government will improve law and order, social sector, national security, foreign policy and country’s image which will add to the confidence of masses and the business community.

He lauded the resolve of Imran Khan for improved relations with the US, India and Afghanistan saying that these countries should also respond in a reciprocal manner.

He said that all the political parties of Pakistan have a consensus on forging good relations with India but the New Delhi lacks such positive unanimity for which Modi administration should strive.

Cordial relations between Pakistan and India are imperative for stability otherwise the region will continue to face poverty and other serious problems, he observed.

He asked the political parties to abstain from pushing country back to instability for petty gains as the agitation will be detrimental to progress.