Haq-e-Shufaa From Masoud Akhtar Khan Chapter Review Amid Cannibals Galor

Masoud Akhtar Khan’s  book “MAN TARAASH” has a chapter “HAQ-E-SHUFAA” which reflects of the world of cannibals where savages abound with their man-eater and  barbaric instincts. It is a tale of how a cannibal woman claims for food the dead body of her infant as her right as the tribe attacks her to grab the baby in absence of her husband, chief of clan.

The sensational and sensitive part of this narrative in cannibalism is that this powerless young woman has a dead baby glued and clutched to her heart and arms as she cries in torture and despair to rescue her deceased infant from the attacking and kidnapping hoods and goons.

Bewildered and bewitched she baffles to believe in villains of malice and malignity grounding and surrounding her all over and all around. Agonized  and  antagonized  amid savages  and  scoundrels,  so helpless  and hapless is she of her safety, security and savage right to dead child.

Calamity ridden and terror driven she goes helter skelter to save her  sanctity from the haunting and heading lunatics of lust and luxuria. Beyond irony of fate is such an inexpressible and incomprehensible tragedy of turmoil that maniacs of lust know no sisters or daughters! 

Looming over her close vicinity horrendously are many hounds of horror hovering and barking, deadly and daunting, alarming  and appalling all set to afflict and attack helpless and defenceless with nobody to call and no one to listen to the lone and lonely.

During traumatic and monstrous ordeal meted by cannibal tribesmen  to the first lady of this cannibal tribe, her husband being chief of the clan, she goes down the memory lane to reminiscence the good old days when all was so great and groovy for this tribe and their tribal village.

She recalled during prevailing dreads amid worst hunger and driest thirst how beautiful was their village with spells of rains and pools of water, greenery and pleasantry all over and sun shining over the tribal horizon with all its bounties when calamity struck the village amid vociferous alarms of sheer helplessness. 

Parvez Jamil

The writer contributes to print and electronic media on national and international affairs. parvezjamil@hotmail.com

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