DJ Turhan James

DJ Turhan James Rocks At HEF Clothing Back To Basics Pop Up Shop

KARACHI – HEF Clothing recently launched its Timeless Collection with a Back to Basics Pop Up Shop in Karachi. The purpose of the collection was to introduce the basic timeless, clothing once again. HEF Clothing is all about igniting youth through presenting Pakistani and South Asian heritage through clothing. With the recent Pop Up Shop, there was a lot for the attendees to come rave about.

Among all the other things and performances, DJ Turhan James was also a part of the evening and he kept everyone entertained with his performance. Recently having performed at the Solis Music Festival, the Karachiites were already a bit too excited to see him performing live here. True to the expectations, his performance was the one that kept the crowd to the beat and spew life to HEF Clothing’s launch party. The purpose of the launch was to target the youth and adding James’ performance in the event did just that.

From EDM DJying to dance-pop, the Pakistan-born and Canada bred DJ and producer Turhan James has a lot of firsts to his credit. He has given a new definition to EDM DJying in Pakistan, where no such concept existed initially. He recently performed at the Solis Music Festival and has successfully managed to bag a performance at MBDP slated for the end of this year.

Turhan James’ performance for the HEF Clothing Pop Up Shop was undoubtedly a significant reminder that the audience here loves some good and novel music. There is definitely a good fan base waiting for him to perform again. 

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