Daraz Pakistan Emerges as the Leading Online Marketplace for Economic Empowerment

KARACHI – In an event that took place in Karachi, Daraz Pakistan, the country’s leading online marketplace for consumer goods, reiterated its aim to empower sellers and entrepreneurs to connect with consumers across the country via new and innovative services that have been designed to encourage convenience and increase value.

In front of media personnel and several members of the business and civil community, Bjarke Mikkelsen , CEO of Daraz Pakistan, shed the spotlight on numerous contributions made by the company in terms of technological advancements as well as economic growth. 

“Currently, Daraz Pakistan provides immediate and easy access to 4 million products in more than 100 categories. Over 2 million Pakistanis use Daraz every day and more than a million packages are delivered to all corners of the country every single month.” He further added, “So far, we have been able to create up to 50,000 jobs, while 2,000 sellers are educated via our new university.”

Mr. Shah then went on to elaborate on the many additions made to Daraz’s infrastructure during 2018 for the purpose of enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing access to new markets. Amongst the developments introduced by Daraz Pakistan, some include a new and personalized app, the Daraz App, designed to give each user a unique shopping experience; Daraz Mall, for users to follow their favorite brands; Global Collection, for customers who like to shop abroad; Top-ups & E-store; Voucher Module; Daraz Wallet, for easy payments and instant refunds; Message Center and a Q&A feature to allow customers and sellers to interact freely.

Mr. Shah also emphasized on the need to provide training to local sellers and entrepreneurs on the best way to connect with their customers and highlighted Daraz Pakistan as a ‘university for entrepreneurs’ in this regard.

“We at Daraz provide advanced offline and online training courses to existing sellers to help them navigate through the many challenges of the business world”, said Mr. Shah. “In addition, we are also making efforts to overcome the many logistics challenges faced by organizations within Pakistan through the creation of Pakistan’s first logistics company, DEX, which has been specifically designed for e-commerce operations.”

At present, DEX has 1,000 riders in 30 cities who are performing more than 55% of all Daraz deliveries with a faster delivery time of 1-2 days as compared to its competitors. 

For the coming year, Mr. Shah outlined numerous innovations related to Daraz Pakistan’s goals to be added to the organization’s operations.

“Our objective has always been to enhance customer satisfaction and help streamline the e-commerce sector within Pakistan so as to help pave the way for other e-commerce companies to enter and grow.”