Chitral MNA criticized administration for no preparedness to control Coronavirus

CHITRAL- Hundreds of people have to face problems due to poor performance of Chitral district administration. In Chitral, neither the health department has the cure for the prevention of Cornoa virus nor there is a laboratory, scanner,  or machinery to diagnose it, even in District Headquarters hospitals and other health units across Chitral, there is no Scanner  machine that can diagnose this  virus. Deputy Commissioner Lower Chitral imposed section 144 on transport and passengers were returned from Lawari tunnel  MNA  told.   Unless the delegates, religious and political party leaders are taken in confidence, no plan will succeed, said Maulana Abdul-Akbar Chitrali, a member of the National Assembly from Chitral, during a press conference.

He was accompanied by Amir Khan Hayatullah Khan, Tehsil Amir of Jamaat-e-Islami, General Secretary Fazal Rabi  and Wajihuddin  President of the Youth Wing of Jamaat-e-Islami. He strongly condemned the decisions of Deputy Commissioner Lower Chitral, for his decision of banning entry of passengers in Chitral and termed it one man decision.  He said that the outbreak had occurred in Pakistan more than a month ago. The district administration should have first trained its doctors and health staff and to provide them safe clothing that could inspect coronavirus patients. While saving their lives, they have no preparation or arrangement yet.

The district headquarters hospital has been designated an isolation ward, but there are only four  ventilator which were not operational for four years and has not operated, except for a screening machine for inspection of suspected virus patients at Chitral Hospital or at the Quarantine Center. No, there is no laboratory facility in which to test this epidemic to find out if the patient has the virus. He demanded from the provincial government that the fund announced for Upper Chitral is too less, it should be raised to four crore and a fund of Rs five crore for Lower Chitral should be given, but this fund should be honestly spent. So that there is no corruption in it. In response to a question, Maulana Chitrali also criticized the provincial government that he had given three government hospitals to a non-governmental organization for which they were  funded by crores of rupees annually but the people there were always complaining that No discount is provided them and their treatment is also very expensive as comparative to Govt hospitals.

MNA Chitrali warned that due to such wrong policies of the government and the district administration, people will be in trouble and they will be faced hardships.. “We are fully prepared to cooperate with the government and the administration on the prevention of the Corona virus if the administration takes us into confidence,” he said.

After that, our representative also visited the District Headquarters Hospital and met the Medical Superintendent Dr. Shamim about the hospital condition and precasionary measurements.  He confirmed that the four-digit ventilator installed in the isolation ward has not worked for four years. Neither do they have the Corona virus screening machine or the laboratory. He appealed to the people to stay in their homes and on the basis of any doubt, if the patient kept in isolation for fourteen days, but in case of emergency or worsen condition of patient they must approach hospital it would be better  to stay at homes  and not come to the hospital for normal checkup.

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