Bank of Punjab

Bank of Punjab Inaugurates State of the Art Contact Center

Lahore: The Bank of Punjab, one of the fastest growing banks in the country, has inaugurated it’s new 24/7 Contact Centre in the heart of Lahore to boost its customer services and telemarketing capabilities. Offering a bundle of services to all BOP customers on 24/7 basis – the Contact Center is a major step forward in providing best in breed banking services across various customer segments. The Center caters for the high growth in customer interaction volume the bank has progressively undergone due to tremendous growth in new to bank customer volume. In addition to much higher capacity, the Center enables the bank to X Sell bundled products and services to its valued customers across key segments.

Boasting itself as the best Contact Center in the banking industry, the Center will offer unique features including video calling, social media engagement, and web chat to various customer segments.

Inaugurating the Center – Mr. Naeemuddin Khan, President & CEO The Bank of Punjab stated

“Our key strategic objective has been meticulous customer engagement, since it is the perceived value of our customers’ image of the bank that has made us grow tremendously over the last few years; and a modern Contact Center acts as the nerve center for this strategy.”

The ceremony was attended by Senior Management from BOP.