122 Urdu Film with International Cast releasing in Pakistan

KARACHI – ABA Associates Private Limited, distributor of the suspense and thrill-packed Egyptian movie, 122, dubbed in Urdu, has proudly released the much-awaited movie with great fanfare at a local multiplex here today, for public exhibition on January 18, 2019 in all cinemas across the country.

The movie was well-received by the stars, media representatives and socialites attending the exclusive screening programme, with everyone raving about the stellar performances given by the international actors, and the mind-blowing plot and storyline that kept the viewers glued to their seats.

The plot revolves around a couple that gets embroiled in an unfortunate incident only to find itself in even more danger when they reach out for help. Their only aim is to survive the night and escape in one piece. The movie is an embodiment of adventure, suspense, action, thrill, and eternal love.

Speaking on the occasion, Ali Chaudhry CEO ABA Associates said,

“I am really excited to have been instrumental in opening the doors for Arabic films to find a market here as their culture is similar to ours, and hopefully this will just be the beginning of a relationship that will be advantageous to both. I am overwhelmed by the response 122 has received.”

The eminent cast of 122 includes Tarek Lotfi, Ahmed Daoud, Amina Khalil, Ahmed Al-Fishawi, Mohammad Lutfi, Jihane Khalil, Mohammed Mamdouh and many more. The movie is produced by Saif Oraibi, written by Salah Al Gehiny, while the editor is Amr Akef, DOP is Ahmed Kardous and line producer is Mohamed Nassar.

Its film distribution in Pakistan is done by ABA Associates

ABA comprises a team of professional, technical and financial experts, with resources and required infrastructure for not only dubbing/translating any Arabic/ GCC and foreign language film, but also efficiently handling its distribution and launch in Pakistan through its exclusive distribution department. ABA is in concrete negotiations with international distributors to bring more foreign language films meeting the international standards of contemporary cinema, for release in Urdu version in Pakistan.

Website: https://abaassociates.org/
FB URL: https://www.facebook.com/abaassociates/
This movie is the first step towards building stronger relations with UAE and Egypt, which are looking forward to bringing more of their movies to our cinemas and furthering ties between our countries.

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