We Valentine No Well

The children and the elderly know about the debate that I have come up with today and celebrate this festival with joy.

Love is a word that is often heard in society and everyone is looking for it. The thinking and love levels of each seeker differ

General Chat Chat Lounge  When we study Islamic teachings, it is clear as the rising sun that Islam is the religion of love and brotherhood.  Islam wants all people to live with love, affection and brotherhood.  But, sadly, love has been wrongly colored in our society.  It would not be exaggerated to say that the word “love” has been defamed.  Where the word love has been discredited, there have been many false forms of love in our society. An example of this is to celebrate “Valentine’s Day” globally.  The festival is celebrated every year on February 14.

Scholars have also declared that it is forbidden to celebrate Valentine’s Day

1- Sheikh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen was asked, whose text is: “In the meantime, it has become very customary for students to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and it is the festival of Christians, the whole dress is worn in red, the clothes, the shoes are all red, and the students are red flowers that day.  We also want to know the command to celebrate this festival with Fazl-e-Shaykh, and what advice would you give to Muslims in such matters, may Allaah protect and protect you?So they replied:

Celebrating Valentine’s Day is not valid for a variety of reasons:
The first reason: This is an ugly festival which is not allowed in the Shariah.
Second: Love and madness are born because of it.
Third reason: Because of this, the heart becomes involved in immoral things which is contrary to the method of the righteous.

Has a Christian ever offered Eid ul Fitr, a Hindu sacrificed on Eid al-Adha, a Jew fasting during the month of Ramadan? You have never seen and heard it and it is a fact that this can never happen.  Why are Muslims celebrating this outdated and infamous ritual called Valentine’s Day?Valentine’s Day is forbidden in Islam and a wasteful ritual of wasteful people. We are Muslims. We celebrate Eid Milad, so we do not celebrate Valentine’s Day.

I have never had a religious debateI didn’t have any sense…
Shahnaz Awan  
Citizen of Karachi

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