PSQCA Team Raided at Metro Habib Cash and Carry

Karachi: As per directives of Director General, PSQCA Mr. Abdul Aleem Memon, PSQCA team visited at M/s. METRO Habib Cash and Carry Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd; Karachi alongwith Mobile Testing Lab. During the visit, PSQCA team collected the random samples of Sufi Brand Cooking Oil of M/s. Hamza vegetable Oil Refinery (Pvt.) Ltd; Karachi, EVA Brand Cooking Oil of M/s. Sujaabad Agro Inds Pvt. Ltd; Karachi,

Naturele Brand Cooking Oil of M/s. Punjab Oil Mills Ltd; Islamabad, Kausar Brand Cooking Oil and Banaspati of M/s. Kausar Ghee Mills (Pvt.) Ltd; Karachi, OK Brand Cooking Oil of M/s. Ahmed Oil Industries (Pvt.) Ltd;, Karachi, Andaaz Brand Cooking Oil of M/s. M.M. Ghee Mills (Pvt.) Ltd; Karachi,

Habib Brand Cooking Oil of M/s. Habib Oil Mills (Pvt.) Ltd; Karachi, Planta Brand Cooking Oil of M/s. Dalda Foods Ltd; Karachi, Dil Dil Brand Banaspati of M/s. PTML, SITE, Karachi, Kisan Brand Banaspati of M/s. Faisalabad Oil Refinery (Pvt.) Ltd; Karachi. During the test of above random samples at the spot,

they all found confirming to relevant standards. The Season Brand Cooking Oil of  M/s. Season Edible Oil Ltd; Lahore, Tullo Brand Banaspati of M/s.Wazir Ali Industries, Karachi and Andaaz Brand Banaspati of M/s.M.M. Ghee Mills (Pvt.) Ltd; Karachi were found non-confirm to the relevant Pakistan Standards Specifications and the stock was seized and de-shelved from the display.