Pakistan Citizen Portal received encouraging response across the world

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan Citizen Portal established under Prime Minister Imran Khan’s directions for redressal of public’s complaints and suggestions to the government has and encouraging response from inland and abroad including the foreigners.

According to latest statistics,the Portal has so far registered around 0.6 million people in a short span of two months.

So far, 229,667 complaints were received and 90 percent of them came from inside Pakistan, 9.66 percent from overseas Pakistanis, and .45 percent from foreign nationals.The portal has so far received 47,579 suggestions.

Province wise breakup of received complaints can be categorized as Punjab 105,794, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 26,790, Sindh 31,698, Balochistan 2,524, Islamabad 61,644, Gilgit Baltistan 184, and Azad Kashmir 1,172.

Out of the total complaints received from Punjab 40,411 have been addressed, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 12,771, Sindh 2,063, Balochistan 316, Islamabad 35,950, while work is underway for redressal of the rest.

According to public feedback, 24,076 people have expressed their satisfaction on Pakistan Citizen Portal, which is a vital source of linkage between the government and the people for public welfare.

Prime minister had directed the government to exploit maximum resources to make it beneficial for the people besides releasing the weekly data of the portal.