OneApple is the first largest company of Pakistan in the IT sector

OneApple is a Pakistan based Technology Company Offices in Pakistan. OneApple is one of the leading IT Company (Computer Brand) in Pakistan. A computer system has three main components hardware, software, and consumers and we deal in all types of computer and its accessories. On increase of cell phone demand we have launched the smart phone in 2018.   

We are the first computer brand in Pakistan which has complete in-house manufacturing facilities, it is not just a brand OneApple is an complete IT industry, our goal is to provide the brand to native Pakistani’s, with complete services after sales. Our purchasers are offered complete support from our brand support department interms of warranties.

Our product has licensed Windows software, and we discourage counterfeit software’s and offers licensed software’s to our users, this make value addition compare to other brands. Our some of the corporate clients using our product ranges at Sindh Bank Limited & State Bank of Pakistan; they have endorsed OneApple as reliable brand.


It was our privilege to host Prime Minister’s IT Task Force member Honorable Vice Admiral (R) Syed Arif Hussaini and his team at OneApple International Corporation Head Office in Karachi.

Mr. Hussaini appreciated the hard work by the team of OneApple and acknowledged OneApple’s services to the local IT industry.

We are honored to have Vice Admiral (r) Arif Hussaini at our premises as it is a major confidence booster for the brand. We will keep on striving to make Pakistan a leader in hardware manufacturing.


We were horned to host CEO Zong Mr. Wang Hua and his delegation visited OneApple factory earlier this week. He left very impressed and expressed his interest in our work. Here’s to expanding our network and promoting healthy business relations.

As we always express, this is just another step towards bigger, greater things. Stay tuned!


We won the Best Computer Awards in the 3rd Consumers IT and Telecom Conference 2019 organized by Consumers Association of Pakistan. We would like to sincerely thank all the attendants of the conference for raising their hands in favour of the resolution passed to support ‘Made in Pakistan’ IT products in Government procurement.


CEO of OneApple Mr. Tahir Rizvi OneApple congratulates Chairman Kukab Iqbal and talks about the status quo of IT in the country today. He suggests that ‘government needs to wake up’ when it comes to hardware industry. “Development of IT is the development of the country” – Mr. Tahir Rizvi leaves a message for the people of Pakistan. A warm congratulation to the people of Pakistan for this is a huge step forward for the IT industry of the country, as well as the economy.


We would also like to take this opportunity to send a message to our respectable foreign competitors in the field; now is the time to put forth a healthy competition based on quality of product and fair pricing, rather than the old unfair ways mostly based on misuse of brand name.

We are creating opportunities for talent in Pakistan; OneApple is an equal opportunity employer. We pay our patronage to our users and their valuable support for trusting us.