National Psycho-political Analysis

Imagine “true” soul-searching,  mind-blowing and heart-scanning endeavors to efficiently, effectively and enormously address our social, economic and political woes, as we have already tested in vain many a  “guru-like” strategy in this regard?!

Pondering, delving and sharing honestly, earnestly and inventively into truth, facts and reality, it is just a question of attitudes, mindsets, and norms that makes our world go round for better or for worse in important personal, social and national affairs.

It is so simple and easy to call it a question of the attitude to address social, economic and political issues. But it is so challenging and insurmountable to address even basic concerns in this regard!

What to talk of a commoner, can even our so-called trendsetters rise over and above self to shun die-hard ego for a human or national cause?!

We have in principle the vim, vigor, and vitality of our able, noble and gentle social, economic and political leadership, statesmanship and craftsmanship indeed.

When Parvez Jamil, this reporter, asked some envisioned positive thinkers about such idealism of statesmanship sinking differences and sitting together to evolve a common strategy to address nagging political issues, the latter agreed that it would be taken positively as, despite its raw idealism, the idea of psycho-political solutions does not offend anybody. 

But can our leaders, for a change, show brains, hearts and feelings to break the ice of vanity, ego, self -interests and sit together for a united salvage and salvation strategy for Pakistan?!

The answer honestly and humbly lies in our deeply-rooted and hard-locked inability and incapacity to break the shackles of incomprehensible and irreversible mistrust and vested interests quadrupled by horrendous and helpless fears and dreads of reprisals and revenge leading to a customary dead end and an obnoxious point of no return.

Destructive political state of mind is directly proportional to the obnoxiously adulterated veins and arteries of the blood circulatory system that must be addressed with statesmanship and consensus, without ridicules and mockeries  by a mutually trustworthy “PSYCHO-MEDICAL BOARD” comprising a panel of “mutually-trustworthy” distinguished political leaders, psychologists and therapists for political counseling, guidance and problem-solving.

With all humility and due respect, what to talk of man in the street, can even our men at the helm of affairs or even men of letters set models in selflessness, piety, simplicity and austerity, posed and poised as our lofty ideals and hallmarks over and over again?!

Pakistan is our home and all its citizens are our family members. Can we, especially our leaders, show vision and heart to accommodate family members of our own home Pakistan with respect, dignity, honor and learn to co-exist peacefully and gracefully with different views?!

We trust distinguished leaders and statesmen devising “out of the box” models of innovation and creativity in mutual respect, “give and take” for none and nobody but for our own home Pakistan, a land of purity, promise and potential!

The contributor is an educator, teacher, and free-lance journalist.

Parvez Jamil

The writer contributes to print and electronic media on national and international affairs. parvezjamil@hotmail.com

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