Multinational Maritime Exercise AMAN-19 begins in Karachi

KARACHI – The five-day Multinational Maritime Exercise “AMAN-19” commenced in Karachi on Friday morning with the slogan “Together for Peace”.

Commander Pakistan Fleet Vice Admiral Amjad Khan Niazi was the chief guest of the opening ceremony.

The flag of 46 countries including Pakistan were hoisted and the contingents of Pakistan Navy presented a march-past.

Addressing the ceremony, Vice Admiral Amjad Khan Niazi said that the exercise AMAN, which means Peace, is a step to enhance cooperation, take benefit from mutual advantage and understand each other.

He said that maritime security is pivotal for national security and protection of maritime routes is also necessary for the economy.

Our Karachi representative reports that Pakistan Air Force and Pakistan Army are also taking part in the exercise.

Ambassadors and delegates of various countries are also present in the inauguration ceremony.