#Metoo Campaign for Men

Defining sexual harassment has become different for all the three genders now. If its a woman anything done by a man to entice her to bed is considered
harassment, whilst if a woman does the same it’s called mere flirting. However in case it happens with a transvestite people don’t mind saying that they are prone to do such things.
Sex is a very natural thing, we need to understand that it’s human to desire but it’s important not to fornicate however at the same time if your fruits & charms are on display you will attract bees. Some might be more arrogant than others. But it’s reciprocity exists everywhere.
I’m not in favor of sexual harassment but people need to understand that men also go through the same thing. If a man stares at a woman’s charms he is said to be ogling but when a woman does the same it’s called appreciation. Women flashing their bodies exposing their charms expect people not get attracted to them and if one approaches them it’s called harassment. Film and media fraternity be it men, women or trans go through ten’s of casting couches before reaching the lime light.
Politicians pimp their wives & in case of women in power themselves or young boy toys, women entrepreneurs use their charms to get finances from investors. In electoral life, political workers sleep their way through hundreds before reaching the bedroom of the main leadership. Ayesha Gulalai and many others claimed to have been sexually harassed by the Prime Minister himself however the claim didn’t come through. Reham Khan’s book alleges many such claims of homosexuality and sexual indiscretion however people have given up on the matter.
Unfortunately the same happens with men on a regular basis every other day. Be it sexual harassment by male or females! colleagues or bosses, by-standers or relatives. It’s true every single man is equally a victim of this harassment but
usually men do not consider it very sensitively. They usually take pride in being sexually harassed by women as it seems to suffice their egos whilst if they are by male colleagues they ignore it as a cheap joke. I have been personally a victim of many such incidents in my life, from child molestation to sexual harassment but perhaps i didn’t care or perhaps there was nothing we could do that led us to silence ourselves and walk away. If women can complain then men should too. The recent #Metoo campaign has become more a fashion, the outburst by Angeline Malik supported by Sheema Kirmani &
a few other so called celebrities is nothing but a publicity campaign to gain attention. A few months back a doctor was forced out of job for sending a friend request on #Facebook to Shareem Obaid Chinoy’s sister. Half the hypocrites didn’t have the guts to condemn it because of their so called relations with SOC. The recent accusation of PTI MNA from NA247 Aftab Siddiqui clearly indicates that the woman Annie Aly must have done something to earn his attention. It is rather a modified version of Qandeel Baloch’s approach towards fame only in a different manner. The modus apprendi seems to keep changing globally. So my fellow men the next time you see a man being harassed or sexually molested raise your voice!
By Kashif Moten