KFC Global President, Tony Lowings graced KFC Pakistan with their presence

KARACHI: KFC Global President, Tony Lowings, along with Sabir Sami GM MenaPakT graced KFC Pakistan with their presence, to celebrate the success of the fast food chain in the past year.

Tony Lowings, a 24- year veteran of KFC has succeeded Roger Eaton to become the new Global Chief Executive officer of KFC. He took a tour of various KFC outlets in Karachi, where he met with the staff and appreciated their efforts in making KFC one of the leading fast food chains in Pakistan. He said that Pakistan is a strong growing market and there is a lot of potential and opportunity in the region, which excites him about the future of KFC in Pakistan.

On Behalf of KFC Pakistan, CEO- Raza Pirbhai & CMO- Noor Alam, welcomed Tony Lowings & Sabir Sami. Raza Pirbhai shared that he is looking forward to creating further footprint of the brand in Pakistan and promised to launch 20 more outlets across Pakistan in the next two years.