ILO Celebrate Its 100th Anniversary

KARACHI – 11th April 2019 was a red-letter day in the history of work as the ILO celebrates its Hundred Years of existence. At this occasion, Employers’ Federation of Pakistan, a constituent of ILO, congratulates Guy Ryder, Director-General ILO, the International Organization of Employers and Employers Organizations all over the world, International Federation of Trade Unions and Heads of State/ Governments for joining hands in promoting and implementing principles of social justice, equality and labor welfare as laid down in the Philadelphia Declaration. The last hundred years is a manifestation of vigorous efforts by the tripartite stakeholders in spearheading an effective war against exploitation of labor as a means of production.

Zaki Ahmed Khan, Vice President EFP, stated that EFP would especially put on record the tremendous contribution of ILO in setting core International Labor Standards through International Labor Conventions and Recommendations which provided strength to the stakeholders, mainly the Governments, Employers and Workers, in embracing these standards and integrating them into National Legislation. These measures have made a visible impact in bringing a paradigm shift in the relationship between employers and workers and the world of work, and that a strong commitment is being promoted in favor of cooperation and collaboration for improving the principles of social justice and developing a code of conduct for ensuring the rights and duties of workers and employers.

Ismail Suttar, Chairman of EFP Economic Council, added that EFP is quite confident in ensuring that the ILO’s efforts have made a visible impact also on the employers of Pakistan whose mindsets are changing from the traditional and conventional thinking to more progressive, pragmatic and pro-active attitudes towards implementing the fundamental principles of rights at work. There is a growing realization that adherence to International Labor Standards is paramount in achieving sustainable business development in a fast-demanding competitive world primarily to avail the vast and diverse opportunities offered by globalization and the growing industrial market. The credit for all of these achievements goes to the International Labor Organization and its 100 years of hard work.

Feroz Alam, Director EFP, said that EFP Board of Directors is also confident that the themes of the ILO Centenary Year, particularly the Future of Work, will pave the way in providing the roadmap for employers and workers for combating the growing challenges in shaping the Future of Work and addressing the demands of global and local consumers and market.

Employers’ Federation of Pakistan wishes the best of luck to ILO in future endeavors and assures its full cooperation in every effort of ILO in promoting the cause of Social Justice and Equality among the Business Community in Pakistan.