Germany is no doubt one of the best places for studying MBBS

Germany is no doubt one of the best places for studying MBBS. The best thing about it that it is tuition free. There are almost 36 universities in Germany that offer MBBS degrees.

Every year, many international students go to Germany for doing MBBS. Being a Pakistanis student, you need to know following things before applying:

 How to study Medicine in Germany

Admission requirements:

1-Direct Entry

  • A levels certificate comprising one language, Chemistry and two more subjects from Maths, Biology or Physics. One subject may have been completed at AS level, but not Chemistry. + Knowledge of German language at Level C1 or C2 (check requirements of university).
  • FSc + two successfully completed years of MBBS course at a Pakistani university + Knowledge of German language at level C1 or C2

2-Indirect Entry

  • FSc + one year Studienkolleg (M course) + general university entrance exam (Feststellungsprüfung). To apply for admission to Studienkolleg, knowledge of German language level B1 is required. The Feststellungsprüfung later also will prove your proficiency in German.

Important note
Some universities run additional aptitude tests. It is also highly recommended to bring proof of three months of practical nursing at the time of application.

Basic information

  • A degree course in Medicine takes six years and three months and is completed by a state exam (Staatsexamen), which is the precondition to obtain a license to practice (Approbation).
  • Medical education is provided in German language only.
  • Application for a degree course in Medicine is extremely competitive.
  • A degree course in Medicine is very time and energy consuming.
  • Neither DAAD nor any other German organizations provides scholarships for foreign students studying Medicine in Germany.

How to find the right university?

As a rule, degree courses in Medicine are run by the Faculties of Medicine at German universities and not by special medical schools. You can get a list of universities offering degree courses in Medicine by using the platform http://www.study-in.de (fill in “State examination” and “Medicine”). To find the best university for you, you may use the ranking offered at https://ranking.zeit.de/ . But keep in mind: The most popular universities for Medicine (Heidelberg, Münster, Greifswald, Aachen, Berlin) are also those who receive the highest number of applications.

German Language Requirement

Start learning German early enough. You need minimum B1 level for starting with a foundation course in Studienkolleg and for direct entry, C1 to C2.  If you cannot learn enough German at school, contact Goethe Institute Karachi, Annemarie Schimmel House Lahore or NUML Islamabad.

What should you do before you apply?

  1. Make yourself familiar with the faculties of Medicine in Germany and their degree courses. Some universities have recently introduced new and innovative curricula.
  2. Complete an internship at a hospital if possible.
  3. Select your AS / AL courses according the requirements for Medicine.
  4.  If you have obtained or will obtain an FSc degree, make yourself familiar with the Studienkollegs and their requirements for admission (see special information sheet).

Bank Statement or Funds Required

Arrange for your financial resources. You will need a minimum of 8,000 Euro per year (this should be a sparekonto, blocked account at UBL Bank or with any Germany bank that offers this service).

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