FPCCI’s performance is limited to speeches, photo sessions and event, despite declining Country’s economy: Mian Zahid Hussain

KARACHI – Presidential candidate of Businessmen Panel Pakistan, Former Chief Minister Balochistan Allauddin Marri while talking to delegations of various association and businessmen during their visit to BMP election office said that Pakistan is blessed with plenty of resources but unfortunately, decision maker did not make enough efforts for the betterment of the Country which caused decline in all sectors of the economy including trade and industry. FPCCI is the apex body of the Country but its role and performance is limited to speeches, false promises, and photo sessions only.

BMP’s Senior Vice Chairman Mian Zahid Hussain said on the occasion that the so called ruling group of the FPCCI has ignored issues and problems of the business community; our struggle is to resolve the long awaited issues of the business community and growth of the Country’s economy. The FPCCI could not establish any research institution or wing in the Country to explore its true potential and explore various avenues for investment to inspire investors from across globe.

Allauddin Marri said that sales tax refunds of exporter have been raised to Rs. 400 billion from        Rs. 100 billion in the last four years which has made the export sector suffered but the ruling group of FPCCI could not do anything in this regard except making false promises. The trade deficit has reached to $ 13 billion in the first quarter of current fiscal year which can only be controlled through increased exports. BMP has always worked for highlighting issues of the business community on national forums and provided recommendations for possible resolutions of various problems.

Allauddin Marri, the presidential candidate of the BMP while interacting with the representatives of the business community said that Pakistan is facing various economic and financial difficulties, to help country getting rid of these problems, BMP is near to victory in the FPCCI elections. BMP after winning the forthcoming elections will take concrete steps to resolve the issues pertaining to trade and industry and restore faith of investors. If the ruling group of FPCCI had taken care of these problems we would be in a better position with respect to economy but sadly Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

Mian Zahid Hussain said that winning the FPCCI elections we will make the apex chamber of the country more effective for growth of trade, industry and economy and will take all chambers and association on board for collaboration in this regard. To promote the investment opportunities we will form research wing in FPCCI. The government should consider various recommendations of the business community to make business easy in the Country, he added.

The representatives of the Business Community and delegations showed their confidence and trust on the leadership of the Businessmen Panel Pakistan and reassure their support in the forthcoming election with full courage and cooperation to achieve victory in the FPCCI elections.