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FPCCI Submitted Proposals to Commerce Advisor for Uplift of Horticulture Trade

Karachi: The Advisor to the Prime Minister on economic affairs, Commerce, Industry and investment Abdul Razaq Dawood has requested the FPCCI to submit suggestions for the development of Horticulture sector and an easy access of Pakistani fruits and vegetables to Chinese markets on eve of the Primer forthcoming visit to China.

The Primer during his visit to China from 2nd November would discuss with the concerned Chinese authorities steps to be initiated for uplift of Horticulture sector In light of these suggestions. The Vice President –FPCCI & Patron-in- Chief of All Pakistan Fruit & Vegetable Exporters, Importers & Merchants Association (PFVA) Waheed Ahmed has sent a comprehensive proposal to the Advisor, Abdul Razzaq Dawood for strengthening Horticulture trade between Pakistan & China. According to Waheed Ahmed there exist bright chances for betterment of the Horticulture trade between the two countries and availing opportunity of “one belt one route” scheme under CPEC Project, export of Pakistani fruits, vegetables & value-added products can be enhanced to US$ one billion!

Following these proposal, Export of Fruits, Vegetables & Value – added products to China can be enhanced to US$ 1 billion within 5 years – Waheed Ahmed

The Vice President –FPCCI has submitted a comprehensive proposal on Research & Development (R& D) in the Agriculture sector of Pakistan with the assistance of China which aims at establishment of one R & D labs. each on Federal level as well in all provinces through which transfer of Chinese Research and technology in the field of Agriculture would be transferred to Pakistan .  Suggestions have also been given   for co-operation between Pakistan & China in implementation of agreements in the Agriculture sector which was carried out under one belt one route scheme for development and research in the Agriculture sector among the Ministry of National food & Security, Plant protection department of China & CABI, an instrumental agri-research based organization. Similarly supporting establishment and follow-on activities of one Belt one route scheme & Road Plant Protection International Consortium (PPIC), it has been emphasized to make Pakistan as part of International Executive Committee, International Advisory Committee and International Scientific Committee. For betterment of Agriculture, both the countries have been advised for joint efforts to procure funds from regional & International resources for the collaborative projects.

To avail expertise of Chinese in the Agriculture sector it has been proposed to enhance opportunities by awarding scholarships to the talented Pakistani students for research and higher education in China and exchange scientists and other experts.

With joint collaboration of Private sectors of both the countries, treatment of Agri-related diseases by use of environment friendly insects, harmful insects & bacteria, and use of technology to prevent agri- related disease has been emphasized by the FPCCI. It has also been suggested to provide Quarantine facilities set ups in the special economic zones to enhance horticulture trade with China. Suggestion has also been given to inculcate awareness among Pakistani exporters about Chinese quarantine regulations and export model, special programmes shall be conducted.   To ensure speedy clearance of trade cargo at Pakistani sea ports, assistance from the Chinese authorities has been sought so that the perishable cargo can effectively be transferred with minimal delay being sensitive to time and temperature, from the sea ports to the vessels and Godowns. It has been suggested to have Trade in Chinese Currency even in Regional Trade to decrease dependence on US$.

Proposal to grant Visa to Pakistani Businessmen on arrival to China has been also given. . To minimize wastage of water in the Agriculture sector, assistance from China for effective use of modern techniques has been suggested which includes “drip irrigation technology”, being one of the best method in practice.  The FPCCI has proposed that entry points of Pakistani Agri Product should be allowed to all entry ports in China via land and sea routes.