Does Gwader Risk Chinese Takeover in Loan Defaults?

21st Century Slavery — Chinese Colonialism – Is there a truth?
Is IK fulfilling his promises in the Recovery of Looted Wealth, or begging for additional Loans?

Tajikistan cedes 6,000 hectares of land to China on loan default as early as 2012. China is in the process of taking over Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, should the Zambian government fail to pay back its huge foreign debt.
Paying loans through additional loans. Is there a difference in paradigm? Is there an exit strategy, or is that different from the past regimes?
Pakistan has been isolated from the United States, Saudi Arabia and the UAE camp through a domestic pressure of Iran lovers within Pakistan.
The current architects of Pakistan’s foreign and economic policies are likely to dump Pakistan into an irreversible economic crisis, such as:
1.Failed attempts to seek further loans.
2.Sale of national assets such as Roosevelt Hotel, Steel Mills, PIA, harbors etc. Thus drying up national assets.
3.Would FAIL to recover Pakistan’s looted wealth.
4.Using cricket ground gimmicks by divulging public opinion to non issues.
5.Exponential price hike of commodities.
6.Business and job losses.
7.Using blame game on past governments, and anti American rhetoric to cover current government’s failures.
8.Failure to provide basic necessities to the public such as drinking water and electricity.
And many more.

Pakistan will keep on losing her place in the global trade war. The production units will gradually deplete. No policy, or planning seems to be in sight. The ‘naya Pakistan’ agenda is based on a strategy of blame game by pointing fingers on the failures of the others, while the same operators of the past regimes are put in a new bottle of wine to be sold to the ‘quom e youth” through controlled media “ruffo-gars”.

How long would the Nawaz Sharif failures provide energy to IK to sustain by divulging public opinion in the current mayhem?

The real IK is getting exposed. His recent blunders prove the vulnerability of a cricket celebrity unfit to become a leader. To be a celebrity does not make you a leader.
Vision, wisdom and sound character are the basic attributes of a leader, unlike celebrities. Celebrities may form an advertising campaign in marketing strategies to promote a product.

What was the marketing campaign of the oligarchy in bringing a cricket celebrity? One wonders at the wisdom of a select group of planners who brought a playboy to reshape him as a politician through tampered elections in Pakistan.
Isn’t that a mystery?
[Note: We Love Pakistan, and would continue to create awareness in the society in bringing change through HONEST LEADERSHIP IN PAKISTAN].

By: Gholam Mujtaba, Ed.D., M.D.