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Bank of Punjab Implements State-of-Art International Core Banking System

Lahore, (The Azb): The Bank of Punjab has successfully implemented a state-of-art international core banking system in its entire branch network. The new system is customer centric which will help the bank to offer better service to its customers.

In the new system all branches of the bank will be able to service the entire customer base irrespective of the customer’s own branch. It will not only enable the bank to introduce new products and services for its clients but will also achieve better control over banking operations. The new technology platform implemented by the bank has opened up opportunities for the bank for introducing innovative technology based services which were not feasible under the legacy system previously in use of the bank.

The implementation project was tasked with the primary requirement to convert the entire branch network from a decentralized legacy system to the new centralized system without affecting any existing service to the customers. The strategy adopted was a “phased roll- out” of the new system which entailed a period of “co-existence” with some branches using the old and some using the new system.

The task was not only achieved with minimal impact to the existing customers but the speed of conversion of over 400 branches was one of the fastest and smoothest. During this process all existing products such as deposits, advances, consumers lending, Islamic banking, trade finance and related modules have been successfully implemented.

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