Amongst all Pakistani Airlines, Shaheen Air the largest contributor to PCAA dues

LAHORE: Shaheen Air International (SAI) Director Zohaib Hassan on Tuesday said the airline was the largest contributor to Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) dues amongst private airlines.

The statement further reflected upon some delay in payments which were ought to be made to PCAA by SAI, while talks are underway to discuss the new repayment schedule.

In response to the CAA’s decision to halt Islamabad-Dubai-Islamabad route, SAI Director Zohaib Hassan said “This is unwelcomed by the management of SAI, as this will only lead to distress for our passengers. He further added that the immediate suspension also does not abide by the PCAA laws.”

He added, temporary delay in payments is limited to a few weeks, and SAI is liable to settle all impending and lawful PCAA dues to its earliest.