1LINK Confirms No Compromise of Domestic ATM and Online Transaction Routing System

This refers to the news circulating on social, electronic and print media regarding disruption of ATM and ADC services domestically and the ensuing SBP clarification on November 06, 2018. 1LINK would like to categorically state that no such disruption took place and all domestic ATM and electronic payment systems are functioning normally. In last week (November 1-7), 1LINK successfully performed processing of over 10 million domestic ATM and ADC transactions and 1.1 million international schemes transactions. This is in line with general weekly trend of transactions. 1LINK maintained an uptime of 100% during last week, providing uninterrupted services to member banks, telcos, billers, NBFIs, government entities, etc.

1LINK is providing secured point-to-point connectivity to its 38 member banks to ensure safe domestic transaction routing. The banks are also taking precautionary measures including strengthening IT and information security systems and imposing conditional restrictions on international transactions, especially ATMs. However, we want to stress that 1LINK systems remained stable and no untoward activity took place at any time.

Guidelines for conducting secure transactions:


Shield the keypad with your hand when you enter your PIN.


Make sure to avail SMS alerts facility.


Corporate Affairs 1LINK (Pvt) Limited

Familiarize yourself with the ATM that you generally use.

Be cautious and report to the concerned branch/bank if you observe any suspicious devices (e.g. card reader, pin hole camera, etc.) or the PIN shield has been removed or loosened.

Do not share your card credentials/details, PIN and CVV with anyone (not even with your bank).

Sign at the back of your card as soon as you activate it.

Do not use such PIN that can be easily guessed. For example, your date of birth, telephone number or sequences.

Change your card PIN frequently.

Do not allow anyone to perform transactions on your behalf through your debit/credit card.

In case of loss/theft of your card, immediately inform your bank and request for blocking it.

If you intend to use your card internationally during travel, share your travel plan with the bank.

Do not share your online/mobile banking credentials with anyone.

Never respond to emails/embedded links asking you to verify user IDs/password.

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