Wedding Photography : Canon Pakistan initiated and organized photography workshops

Canon is not only worlds leading electronics manufacturers but also have their stamp over the world with the most advanced technology in the field of Photography with their wide range of cutting-edge cameras for every kind of photographer be it a pro or a relatively beginner, can produce pretty decent photographs easily as they are the most user-friendly cameras available all around the world all you need is to get your basics right.

Canon’s vision of empowering the photography industry doesn’t end at just by creating the best cameras but also making the audience aware of how to use them properly to capture the moment in the best way possible. To fulfill this purpose Canon initiated photography workshops all around the world in which the gather industries best photographers both international and local to share their wisdom, tips and tricks and their valuable insight for the photography enthusiasts focusing mainly on beginners being students who’re have a passion to become great photographers.

Keeping this tradition alive Canon Pakistan initiated and organized many photography workshops for quite a long time with their latest edition of institute centric workshops in Karachi focused on Fashion and Wedding Photography instructed by industry’s finest Mr. Talha Ghouri and Mr. Tariq AK. In the month of September Cuenine Advertising organized two iterations of this workshops at Karachi’s on behalf of Canon Pakistan at two leading Universities namely Institute of Business Management (IOBM) on the 8th of September 2018 and the second one at Iqra University Defense View Campus on the 25th of September.

Both the events were a huge success for Canon Pakistan in terms of agenda being fulfilled i.e. the students learned some great tips and tricks, strengthened their photography basics in terms of how to light a shot properly, how to compose a shot, how to instruct and engage with the model present in the right was so the talent can be in the comfort zone and produce some amazing shots that you can proudly use for your portfolio making you and the client both happy that is in case if you’re doing it commercially. Learning is just not enough the attendees were given a hands-on practical chance to work with the best lighting and camera gear and some finest professional models so they can actually experience how it is when they are working in the field. Mistakes were made but that was the main idea of the hands on so that the instructor can guide them on the spot on perfecting their skill and their photography. The students were then judged and awarded extremely valuable certifications from Canon Pakistan on their participation which will help them immensely in their future even if it doesn’t the time spent for the once in a life time experience would be memorable and extremely beneficial.

Canon Pakistan ended the workshop with a surprise contest among the two universities on the same genres taught to them in the workshops conducted with the winning prize being Canon M50 a new revolutionary camera from their new mirrorless series being compact yet with the power of the same professional DSLR which made the crowd on the edge of their seats eager to submit their entries and win it as the new mirrorless cameras were given to the students during the workshop to try and experience the new possibilities of the new technology introduced.

All in all Canon Pakistan eager to make the photography industry better and up to the international standards in terms of not only providing the best equipment but also the right guidance to use that equipment to its max and also awarding the photographers with the merchandize so the interest is never reducing as their moto states it’s Canon – Delighting You Always!