HUM TV’s latest play “Khaas” an intertwined story

HUM TV’s latest play “Khaas” is an intertwined story of Ammar, Saba, Fakhir, and Salma. The plot highlights how ill-treatment and constant criticism just for the sake of it can make a creative mind dull. The story revolves around Ammar, a self-obsessed male chauvinist, and Saba a bold, confident and full of life girl. Saba […]


HUM Network announce the launch date/timing new serial BISAAT-E-DIL

The story of HUM TV’s latest drama Bisaat e Dil revolves around twin sisters Saania and Aania, who belong to a poor and destitute household. Aania is a mean, self-centered beauty looking for a shortcut to a wealthy lifestyle, while Saania’s personality is completely opposite, focussing on her life’s goal of getting an education to […]


Who is Duraid Qureshi is the CEO and co-founder of Hum Network?

Who is Duraid Qureshi? Duraid Qureshi is the CEO and co-founder of Hum Network Ltd.  He started his career in Treasury trading and after completing MBA joined Al Abbas sugar mills Ltd as Chief Operation Officer and Resident Director. In 2001 joined as a CEO of Moomal Productions and turned it into the largest production house in the country. […]