Sindh govt establish forensic lab in two weeks: Supreme Court

KARACHI: The Supreme Court has instructed the Sindh government to establish a forensic lab in the next two weeks.

A hearing at the highest court’s Karachi Registry was attended by interior secretary, the health secretary, Dr Seemin Jamali and representative of Karachi University on Saturday.

Acting Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmad while expressing his anger asked, “It has been more than a year, where is the lab?”

“Does no one care about the problems being created due to lack of a forensic lab? Do you have any justification for the delay?” Justice Gulzar continued to question.

The interior secretary replied, “Rs2.7 million have been released for the lab from the budget that was reserved for it. The delay in the setting up of the lab occurred due to money.”

Hearing this, the acting CJP ordered that a lab be set up in the next two weeks and that no more delay will be tolerated.