Motorola Razr is coming back with foldable display

The early 2000s were defined by Motorola’s iconic Razr flip phone. Fashion from the 90s and 2000s is coming back and so is the Razr.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that the iconic phone is getting a 2019 makeover with a foldable display.

The 2019 model is the result of an exclusive partnership between Lenovo — Motorola’s parent company — and Verizon. Only 200,000 units of the new Razr will be made and The WSJreported that it would cost about $1,500 when it arrives as soon as February. That would be more than double the $600 price tag of the original, which was considered pricey at the time.

The new Razr phone is likely to have a display that bends at the middle with a hinge to allow it to fully close but not crease, according to The WSJ, which cited a 2017 patent filing.

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