IEEE 9th Premier Exhibition held at Expo Karachi

IEEE 9th Premier Exhibition held at Expo karachi in which Students from different universities attended this event and engineering companies from Pakistan and China were there, Projects made by students were displayed at exhibition and even there were companies which marketing about their product.
In this exhibition students of IoBM University, Maaz Ahmedani, Kashan Shaikh and Aneel Kumar who had made this outstanding project Bluetooth control car powered by arduino UNO R3 Bluetooth range 10 to 12 meters, 4 independent DC gear motors produces over 620 rpm each.12.6V 2.2A Li-Po battery is used to power up the car lasting upto 2hrs with 1 hours. A micro controller (Arduino) is coded to perform the operation by PWM signals (transmitting/ receiving). Accessories like headlights, tail lights, under glow lights and a cooling fan is powered by Li-ion 11.1V battery with a safe switch(spst).
The Car weight over 2.5 Kg and can load (with small supplies like kitchen utnesils and office supplies) upto 5-7 kg with less reduction speed and cooling fan is used for cooling out motor drive shield (which triggers signal to motors to perform running) and arduino to set the temperature in equilibrium.
It can be ordered from us regarding to customer’s preferences. Android App is interfaced with Bluetooth module to transmit and receive the signals in order to control the car through smart phone, This car has been tested for a year to test out any flaws as the car was at daily usage, luckily no problems were found up to now.
Report by: Syed Farooq Shah
Pictures shows the model of the car and the students from IoBM University with the owner of CASIC Chinese Aeronautical Company.