Sherry Rehman

Govern in parliament not on TV, Sherry Rehman tells PTI

ISLAMABAD: In a hard-hitting speech on the floor of the House Former Senate Opposition Leader and Parliamentary Leader of PPP, Senator Sherry Rehman, demanded transparency on the terms of loans being obtained from international lenders, including the IMF and details of plans for buffering the poor and vulnerable from the escalation in gas and other prices that this government brought in.

Rehman said, “The government is refusing to explain the terms of loans it is seeking from several international lenders and is providing no plan for buffering the poor and vulnerable from the aftershocks of their policies that is hitting them now”.

“The most pressing issue at the moment is the economic deficit the country is facing. There are many people whose stoves are not burning due to the alarming inflation in the country which is nearing double digits. The working class continues to suffer as they try to make ends meet. There appears to be no subsidy or relief package for them,” the Senator continued.

Criticizing the government’s failure to deliver, she said, “This government came in on the back of big promises, but it is clear they have no intention of doing anything but talking about media optics of austerity like leaving big government houses while quietly living in them”.

“They are willing to make appearances on television shows but do not want to be answerable to the Parliament. They need to shake off this nonchalant approach to governance. Why is no relevant minister ever bothered with parliamentary answers but has so much time for television shows?” Rehman asked.

Rehman concluded her speech saying, “What has this government done apart from its continued witch hunt? All the tall claims of security savings and breaking begging bowls are not manifested in the decisions made by this government since it came into power”.

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