Google terminated their employees against the suspicious Activates

CALIFORNIA – Google is one of the largest multinational firms in the world. The company is home to millions of employees around the world. We have hardly seen any criticisms on the company by its employees.

It wasn’t the case on 22nd Nov. A rally was organized by 200 people and employees. They protested against the termination of their two colleagues, Rebecca Rivers and Laurence Berland. These two individuals were accused of entering into the private and personal data of the company. They were also alleged of accessing some internal information which they shouldn’t have accessed.

Therefore, Google has fired both the workers. Along with that, they expelled two more people who participated in the rally against Google. According to a Bloomberg report, Google has confirmed that they had to expel the employees. The spokesperson of the company stated that, it had fired four employees for “clear and repeated violations of our data security policies,” saying those workers “were involved in systematic searches for other employees’ materials and work”. He further added that this was not the first time. These employees have been warned before and also leaked some information of the company to the outside world.

In actuality, there are some restricting voices. These voices are in the support of suspended representatives. Google walkout coordinators bunch demonstrated the opposite side of the coin also. They have blamed Google for ending any assembled front of workers. The Company needs to check any association of the representatives. Google recently enabled workers to unreservedly get to records from over the organization and now they are changing its laws just to terminate the individuals who restrict the organization. 

Rebbeca Rivers confirmed her expulsion by posting a tweet. She was the one who had organized protests as well. And now she is paying the price. So, these events are propagating suspicions and resentment towards Google, which is major company of democratic USA.

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