Devoted, hardworking and struggling woman in Banking Sector “Urooj Fatima”

Woman have always worked, whether in paid jobs or in the home, and often in both. But their work is generally unrecognized and undervalued. Today, woman comprise nearly half of the Pakistan workforce. While there have been many important changes in recent decades, there are many continuities in the issues woman workers face in the workplace.

Many people think that the majority of woman did not do waged work until the second half of the twentieth century brought social change, the women’s liberation movement and equality legislation. This is a myth, and we now have evidence that women’s paid work has a long history dating back to even before the industrial revolution.

This section gives an account of women’s waged work in the Pakistan from the 19th century onwards. The issues examined here include the nature and types of work available to women, pay and conditions at work, women’s struggles for rights and the particular issues facing migrant woman workers.

Urooj Fatima is a very devoted lady and hardworking, struggling woman in banking sector. She did Matriculation (Science) from St. Lawence’s Convent School in 2003, Intermediate (Pre-Engineering) from Govt. Degree College for Woman in 2005, Bachelor of Commerce (Honors) from Jinnah University for Women’s in 2009 and Masters in Major Finance M .COM from Jinnah University for Women’s in 2013 then she also did Masters in Business Administration MBA from IQRA University in 2015. She got married at the age of 19 and she had two daughters her marital life was not good due to some negative behavior and injustice by her in laws. She took divorce and after that she completed her remain education. In process of completion her master in finance she was offered by her University Dean the faculty of lecturer. She served as a lecturer in Jinnah University for Women’s after that she got up a chance and find an opportunity to work in Karachi Chamber of Commerce as a Woman Entrepreneur. she find her career get stuck up with that position and no growth then she switch to Banking Sector and step forward towards the Banking Sector. This was the turning point into her life. She wins Banca Assurance Convention of Fairy Meadows at Burj Bank 2016, Banca Assurance Convention of Greece at Silk Bank in 2017, Silk Bank CASA Campaign in 2019, and Extempore Debate Competition at all Sindh Level from Dow University of Health Science and she also won Allama lqbal Shield Contest. She hosted events and inaugural ceremony of a shoes brands, 7th Energy Award and Police Community Award along with CPLC South zone.

At her child hood she was very active child and always took parts in different debate competitions and speeches and took position although she is talented plus energetic so she take first Position in her sports & activities. She is good in Debate (English & Urdu), Elocution (English & Urdu), Comparing Sports, & Editing of University Magazine. She have the Certification with the training course of BM as a C.E.O of branch (Proficiency-Ability to move forward, negotiation of win-win situation, AML-CFT, Foreign Regulation, Information Technology, Innovations of Islamic Banking, Macro & Micro Finance, Regulations of SBP Policies and Procedures. She successfully completed “Training of Trainers Program” for National Financial Literacy Programmers NFLP Field Trainers, conducted by SBP Banking Services Corporation, Karachi during 14 to 16 October 2019.

After lots of achievement she buy her first car this movement she cannot imagine it how much she suffered. She said that you don’t want to waste your money on a Useless things. Urooj Fatima having good marketing skills. She did some investment in property business on side to meeting up her financial need. She was talented & golden heart lady so she did documentaries, hosting and also become the part of media being a social activist. Urooj Fatima social media is mostly dedicated to advocating for the causes they’re passionate about, she also share about their travels, post financial reviews and fill your feed with amazing portraits.

She served humanity as well as. She also served as a member in FPCCI, member of Rotary Club International and Senior Vice Chairperson All Pakistan Custom Agent Association of Diplomatic Affair Committee. Now a days to she do gym and diet a well maintained lady and she suggest to the other females to do it.

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