COAS visits Russian mountaineer rescued by Pakistan army

RAWALPINDI: Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa has visited Russian mountaineer Alexander Gukov at Combined Military Hospital (CMH) Rawalpindi, ISPR reported.

Mr Guvok was rescued by Pak Army Aviators from 20, 650 feet high Latok Peak in Pakistani Northern Areas this morning through a very challenging Aviation effort.

Gukov’s food and water supplies had exhausted three days ago and the bad weather was making it difficult for helicopters to navigate him, the statement added.

According to Anna Piunova, coordinator of the rescue mission that started on July 26, Gukov needs medical attention as he is in a critical condition.

“He was rescued, they are flying to the hospital of city of Skardu,” Piunova told.

He had been deserted at a height of 20,650 feet for the past six days before being rescued today, read the statement.

She also added that the rescue mission involved two Pakistani military helicopters as well.

Pakistani Army teams had earlier this month successfully managed to rescue two British mountaineers who were stranded on Ultar Sar mountain, located in Hunza Valley, after their tent was hit by an avalanche.

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