California wildfires: Death toll rises to 50

California: US firefighters say 6 more people have been found killed in wildfires in California, bringing the total death toll to 50.

Multiple blazes broke out last Thursday in the town of Paradise, some 300 kilometers north of San Francisco, and in Ventura County, near Los Angeles.

Authorities said on Tuesday that 6 more people were found dead in the Paradise wildfire, killing 48 people there so far. The fire has become the worst single wildfire ever hitting the state.

Another 2 people have died in Ventura County.

Meanwhile, firefighters in Ventura said strong winds caused the fires to spread, charring about 40,000 hectares.

Evacuation orders have been lifted in some areas. But local media reported that the orders are still in place for nearly 200,000 residents in areas including the upscale district of Malibu.

Firefighters from nearby states have now joined in efforts to put out the fires.