Byco Petroleum

Byco Green Campaign wins award

Karachi: Byco Petroleum Pakistan Limited has won the award for the Best Ad of Pakistan from Herald magazine. On the occasion of Pakistan’s 71st Independence anniversary, Byco conceived of launching their sustainability initiative to plant trees and to distribute seeds through its 350-outlet strong retail network across Pakistan. To kick off the campaign, Byco planted 1000 trees at the Urban Forest Park at Clifton, Karachi which uses the Miyawaki method of afforestation. The company also planted 2000 trees at its Bowzer Village next to its refinery in Balochistan.

The award-winning design of the “Fuel Up, Green Up” Public Service Message (PSM) was developed by Spectrum Y&R. The campaign promotes tree plantation across Pakistan by distributing Moringa Tree seeds at Byco’s retail outlets. Complimentary seed pouches were distributed to Byco fuel customers. This public service message was launched to help Byco lead the way for Pakistan’s citizens to Be the Change that they want to see in the world and promote environmental consciousness throughout the nation. Azfar Saeed Baig, Vice President of Byco said on the occasion,

“It gives me great pleasure to announce that Byco and Spectrum have won this award for our Green Campaign, which is in line with the Government’s initiative for a Green and Clean Pakistan. We believe it will help highlight even further the need for Pakistanis to work together to Make Pakistan Green Again and plant trees across the nation so that we protect and conserve our environment.”

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