Brief introduction of Technology Links

Technology Links is a private limited company incorporated in Pakistan in 1989. Its head office is located in Karachi and it has branches in all major cities in the country. With staff strength of over a hundred, and a management composed of highly qualified and experienced professionals, the company caters primarily to requirements in the health, research, Scientific and engineering education sectors. Thus, Technology Links is perhaps the only company in Pakistan, which provides meaningful links, under one roof, to the educationist, doctor, scientist, Industrialist and engineer alike. As well as this, the company also supplies equipment and machinery related to industry and infrastructure development.

The company is the exclusive distributor within Pakistan for a number of international suppliers and manufacturers. It also handles projects, funded on a bilateral basis through outright grants or state credits from donor countries, by representing multinational trading companies and suppliers.

The company’s range of activities include the following:

 Sales promotion of specialized items
 Installation and engineering services
 Provision of on-site training
 Consulting services related to project formation
 After sales service
 Engineering services related to implementation of projects.

The company philosophy is to maintain the highest possible standards while responding to customers’ needs. The company therefore, demands of itself and its employees, the highest levels of integrity, performance and quality, and continuously seeks to improve its position as one of the best companies of its kind in Pakistan. It is perhaps for these self assigned goals and objectives, that the Company was registered as ISO Certified Company.