Australia Organised First Class Cricket Coaching Clinic for School Girls

ISLAMABAD – Australia’s Acting High Commissioner Brek Batley and staff from the Australian High Commission visited underprivileged schools to watch the cricket coaching clinics, organised by the Australian High Commission with support from the Pakistan Cricket Board.

Girls from four schools including Special Education School for Girls with Hearing Impairment H-9; Mashal Model School Bari Imam; Pakistan Sweet Homes H-9/4 and Islamabad Model School for Girls I-9/1 Islamabad are attending a five-day coaching clinic, conducted by first class women cricketers in the lead-up to a competition. 

The initiative is designed to empower girls and provide them with an opportunity to learn the value of teamwork and sportsmanship and to expand their horizons.

Australia’s Acting High Commissioner Brek Batley highlighted “the tournament and coaching clinic provide a platform through which we can empower young people, especially girls by building their self-confidence and encouraging them to push boundaries.

“Cricket in Pakistan and Australia is a shared passion for boys and girls, men and women, and provides a wonderful vehicle for promoting and highlighting the importance of gender equality in sport and beyond,”

Mr Batley said, adding they were delighted to see such a positive response and looked forward to the final tournament on Saturday.

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