2018 Asia Cup: Pakistan and India to face each other on September 19

Karachi: The 2018 Asia Cup is around the corner and it is going to have two well-known arch-rivals to face each other once again. Pakistan defeated India in Champions Trophy when India was all time favourite; it is to be seen who conquers whom in the upcoming Asia Cup that is to kick-off on September 19 in Dubai. The event will start on September 15 in which Sri Lanka and Bangladesh will be facing each other.

The schedule for the much waited 14th Asia Cup has been issued by the International Cricket Council (ICC). It is going to be held in UAE which is going to host it for the third time. Defending Champion will shield the title.

In total, there will be six teams who will be contesting at various times with each other. But the most vital match will be against Pakistan and India on September 19.