UIT Organises TEDx event on reshaping perceptions

KARACHI: The Usman Institute of Technology (UIT) is organising its second TEDx event on Saturday where experts from entertainment, design and art industries will come together to share their ideas on ‘reshaping perceptions’ of audience or viewers of things.

The institute organised the first TEDx event a couple of years ago and in the wake of the overwhelming response, the UIT management decided to organise another event. The theme of the event ‘Reshaping Perceptions’ is driven from the concept of ‘seeing is believing’, meaning that perceptions of people are made the way they see things.

“Seeing things from one perspective, let’s say negative side a picture for example’ will make believe on the negative side of the picture of the story, and at the event the speakers from the industry will discuss the importance of changing people’s way of seeing things and reshaping their perceptions, and how it is done,” said UIT Director Dr Zahir Ali Syed.

Some of those well-known figures, who will speak at the event, include designer Yousuf Bashir, environmentalist Tofiq Pasah Mooraj, co-founder ConnectHear Areej Al Madina, actor and producer Khaled Anam, comic artist Moin Nazim, urban forester, entrepreneur Shahzad Qureshi, filmmaker Muneeb Adil, trainer Arsal Fahim, director, examination Board AKU-EB Dr Shehzad Jeeva and SYSTEK managing director Naveed Ansari.

In the past, the institute has organised events of similar importance and remains at the forefront of reshaping ideas especially among the youth groups. Combined with their innovative solutions the youth has benefited a lot from these brainstorming ideas.

The institute is affiliated with NED University of Engineering and Technology and it works to bring about reforms the way people think and approach different things in the modern world, and TEDx talk is one of their success story events.