Skype drops Snapchat-like feature after lack of users interest

NEW YORK: Microsoft eliminated it Snapchat like features from it’s Skype app after introducing filters in an attempt to step high on the social media Bandwagon.

Microsoft has revealed that it’s axing its adopted feature and will now wholly focus on their core features like calls and chats.

In a statement by the Skype team, it was mentioned that the new features “didn’t resonate with a majority of users”.

A corresponding desktop update prioritizes calls, chats, contacts, and notifications. All of the changes should be reflected in Skype’s latest app versions regardless of platform.

It is not surprising that skype failed to attract its users with the newly adapted features as its contemporaries had a years-long headstart.

Snapchat is still a heavyweight in disappearing social posts despite its struggles, and Instagram is larger still.

How would Microsoft persuade people to share Highlights when most of their friends might only use Skype for the occasional call? This is an acknowledgment that Skype, as well-known as it is, isn’t so influential that it can adopt rivals’ features and expect them to be successful.