Prisoner of Conscience : Prochialism in Search of patriotism a National Dilemma in Identity Hunt

A national crisis has erupted in designating patriotism at whims. This bias has caused the Pakistani nation to question their own parochialism.
Intolerance and bigotry has become the order of the day where Shias asserts Sunnis as Kafirs, and vice versa. The ethnic divide in the country led to the demise of East Pakistan in 1971, and today, a further divide is seeking formation of new provinces on ethnic lines. Equality and justice has been replaced by ‘selective justice’. Dissenting voices against ‘selective justice’ is proclaimed as unpatriotic by the beneficiaries of this commotion. Such pandemonium is reflective of either of the three: sectarian leaning, ethnic affinity or the corrupt mafia empathy.

Societies that License stereotypes to designate dissenting voices as unpatriotic promote intolerance in achieving objectives of their choosing.
This is detrimental to the national security of Pakistan.

By: Gholam Mujtaba, Ed.D., M.D.