Peshawar based Pakistani wins Lottery of $1 million in dubai

DUBAI: : Noman Arif, a Pakistani belongs to peshawar, Khyber Pakhtun Khuwa saw his fortunes dynamical big time once he won lottery of $1 million. Noman Arif won the dubai Duty Free raffle draw. in line with report published in Khaleej Times, Noman’s series 281 ticket number 0241 was picked as winner of the lottery. He was the first Pakistani that the peshawar based mostly business man purchased the Fubai Duty Free tcket and tried his luck by getting lottery. Noman Arif, the owner of motorcycleleasing company in peshawar, KPK, was terribly ecstatic over winning the lottery. He thanked the dubai Duty free fir a life changing experience. ‘Thank you dubai duty-free for providing this life-changing experience to become a millionaire.’ Noman elated.

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