*Congratulations Mr. Prime Minister!!*

You carried your political campaign effectively, fought the elections, got the needed majority to be leader of the house and finally took oath as the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan.  Your struggle of 22 years to bring about a change has finally been granted by the people of Pakistan who turned out to cast their vote on July 25th in your favour. The fact that the turnout of voters was more than 50% substantiates this fact. You have given us hope and raised our expectations and that is what matters to us all.

We do understand that the task ahead is arduous, and which will require absolute resolve and perseverance. While we understand that there is no magic wand to turn around and clean the mess that has plagued and besieged our country for decades. Partly it is due to the effect caused by several unfortunate regional events over which we had no control, but mostly due to inadequate actions by consecutive governments to firmly deal and react to the circumstances. In the process, perception more than reality, gave way to despondency in the likes of many of my generation. This led to the feeling of insecurity and helplessness amongst the masses and the advantage of which was taken by the adversaries of Pakistan in many different ways and which encouraged parochialism, terrorism, corruption and the list continued unabated.

In these conflicting moments of optimism and despair, you have emerged as a ray of hope for Pakistan with the 3rd generation (60% under the age of 25) passionately behind you. A country of 220 million which has everything a nation can desire from human resources to natural resources requires a benevolent leader at the driving seat setting priorities and exploiting it for the benefit of the country. We are confident you will not deviate from this basic principle, as being repeatedly mentioned in your speeches and media talks. Selection of right people for the right job based purely on merits and strengthening of institutions will go a long way in realizing the objectives you have set for yourself and assuring the nation.

We wish you all the best in your endevours Mr. Prime Minister and hope that the slogans of *“Tabdeeli”* for a *“Naya Pakistan”* are turned into reality.

*Kalim Farooqui* Chairman Technology Links, Vice Chairman Pakistan Japan Business Forum & Vice Chairman English Speaking Union

*Nahin hai na umeed Iqbal apni kasht-e-veeran se,*
*Zara num ho to yeh mitti bari zarkhaiz hay saqi*
*___Allama Iqbal

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