Introduction of Dr Aliya Kemal Ahsan

DR Aliya belong to Pakistan well known family  of Pakistan most of her family members are educationist by profession. her grand father was the founder of the Dhaka University and all the other members are prominent Doctors of Pakistan.

She has done  her MBBS from DOW university after wards she completed her Fellowship From CPSP college of physician and surgeon of Pakistan in Pediatrics Medicine She is a  prominent Child Specialist of Karachi and She is doing her 2nd Fellowship in Pediatrics Cardiology at NICVD very few Doctors in Pakistan are in this field . Beside medicine Dr Aliya has vast experience working in Public Health Sector She is associated with  many NGOS in the past and She worked closely in Public Private Partnership in Sindh She is also the WHO IMNC Instructor in Pakistan she was one of editor the of Pediatric Journal By Dr Sultan Mustafa . She done comprehensive research in development of Public Health Sector ..She is the member of PPTA and other governing bodies She recently become of member of AM PAK BDF Pakistan Chapter She will play a vital role to create opportunities between USA AND PAKISTAN through that Forum .