Anwar Majeed says he is no longer the head of Omni Group

Anwar Majeed has distanced himself from the Omni Group and said that due to his poor health, he is no longer fulfilling his responsibilities there.

They have requested the court to take back the suo motu notice and stop the FIA from investigating the Omni Group’s bank accounts and assets.

The FIA has filed an interim challan in a trial court, said their reply, asking the court to direct the agency to file a final challan. They want the case in the trial court to continue.

Anwar and his son Abdul Ghani Majeed submitted their replies on Saturday to the Supreme Court in a Rs35 billion money laundering case. Anwar is a close aide of former president Asif Ali Zardari and is being investigated in a case involving money laundering of Rs35 billion through fake bank accounts at three local banks.

On Saturday the FIA told the Supreme Court that it found evidence of another four accounts used in money laundering in Sindh. This brings the total number of fake accounts up to 33.

The Omni Group’s business is being affected by the seizing of the accounts, read their reply.

Majeed too ill to fulfill his executive responsibilities at the Omni Group and is therefore no longer the head of the group.

On August 6, the agency presented a report to the Supreme Court saying that it had evidence that money was transferred from the Omni Group to the Zardari Group. It also said it had evidence that Rs2.08 billion was put into the Omni Group accounts


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